Who are these girls?



Researcher: Elisa Bellè 

In collaboration with:

University of Trento
Historical Museum of Trento
Caritro Foundation


How to restore life and memory to a fundamental but poorly documented chapter in history of feminist movement in Trento.


Population intereste to femminism movement in Trentino (Italy) 1965-1985.

giuseppe aceto -  femme

With the researcher Elisa Bellè we create several co-design sessions were held aimed at defining the key steps to be transferred, the ways in which to find additional data to complete the project and which digital tools to develop and make it available to the population.


The result is a series of public event that involved citizens to share their direct experience and a public portal where is possible to achieve resources useful to study the historical period.

Project Website
giuseppe aceto femme
giuseppe aceto femme